Will Ab Workouts Help You Lose Belly Fat?

It is a common myth that we can train the muscles around a certain area and lose fat in that area.

For example doing 100 sit-ups every day, will make you lose belly fat. Or doing bicep curls and tricep extensions will tighten up the skin on your under-arm.

This is called spot training, or spot reduction. Unfortunately, this is not true. Muscle growth in a certain area of the body does not reduce fat in the same area. 

We can not choose where we lose fat on our bodies. Our biology decides that for us. The best way to lose fat is through balanced nutrition and exercise. By eating less calories than we consume, we will lose weight. As well as having a good exercise program that touches on the major modalities of fitness. 

So keep doing core workouts because they are good for you!

They help stabilize your spine and midsection which is very important for sports performance, injury prevention and longevity.

However, we do not want to overtrain our core with the hopes of losing belly fat. 

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