Why You’re Not Losing Weight

I had a person come to me in frustration that they were not losing the weight that they wanted. They felt that it had to do with what workouts they were doing in the gym. 

Everyone is looking for that secret exercise or work out plan that will lose them the weight. The truth is, there is no secret plan or movement to get you there. If you want to lose weight, eat less and move more.

Now, we could get really picky with that and dive deeper. However, let’s keep it surface level. If you burn more calories that you consume, you will lose weight.

But how do we burn calories? Like I said, everyone is looking for that secret workout routine. When really it can be as simple as not sitting all day long. It comes down to your sedentary lifestyle. 

Try and think about how much time of your day you are sitting. Driving to work in the morning. At your desk. Driving home from work. On the couch watching TV. That is a lot of your day sitting, not burning as many calories as we can. Sure, you may have started your day with a run, or a work out at your gym. However we can maximize our calories that we burn from reducing our sedentary habits. 

Here’s a few ways we can do that

  • Stand instead of sitting- All you need is a cardboard box to put on your desk so that you can stand instead of sitting. Standing can burn almost double the amount of calories as opposed to sitting!
  • On a call? Walk instead of sitting. Go outside and take a walk during your work call. This will not only reduce your sedentary behavior, increasing the calories you burn, but walking outside has been shown to increase your mood, productivity and clarity.
  • Park your car farther away from the door. Do you try to find the closest parking spot at the grocery store, or work? Try parking in the back of the parking lot, this will force you to walk more, which means less sedentary behavior.

These are all habits that we need to reform into better habits. 

If we can burn more calories we will lose more weight… IF we eat the right amount of food. But we will talk about that another time. 

If you need help building better habits. Click the link below to schedule your new you intro. We will chat about your goals, develop a plan to get you there and all you have to do is follow that plan!

In summary, stop wasting time googling which work out routine will lose you those 20 lbs. 

Sure, there could be a number of other reasons that you’re not losing weight. However, this is a really good starting point. 

Eat Less and move more!