Why We do What We Do

Achieving an effective health and fitness routine can be overwhelming, especially with all the conflicting info out there about fitness. Which leads people to feeling stressed and often not taking steps to reaching their potential. We help others create a personalized plan for their perfect picture of health so they can enjoy increased energy for their family, and just feel better overall.

Prior to finding GSL, the biggest obstacle in fitness was having to decide what I should be doing each day to workout. My life was already stressful with the amount of decisions I had to make everyday. Figuring out the best fitness routine often made me feel overwhelmed. That is where GSL made the difference. I immediately loved the relief I felt by attending GSL because they made the decision for me. I just show up and do the work. It’s a very nice break from the daily grind and it’s a way to recharge my batteries. 

I think a lot of problems can be solved simply by having a habit of exercise and fitness because it leads you to a healthier life. Healthy people don’t take as many prescriptions. Healthy people are more effective during the day. Healthy people don’t get angry as quickly so less arguments come up. Healthy people inspire others to be more healthy.  I saw an opportunity to help others find their own habits of exercise so they can enjoy their families more and enjoy feeling confident.

-John Briggs and Jason McMullin