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Coach Gantz calls Washington State home, and currently resides in Herriman, Utah. He is an Active Duty Army Soldier and is currently stationed with the Salt Lake City Recruiting Battalion as a Station Commander. He found Crossfit in Northern California and through the right mentorship he quickly fell in love with the sport of fitness.

He serves as a Coach and Crossfit GSL’s Programming Specialist and is passionate about the development of every athlete that walks through the doors. He enjoys most about Crossfit, is the visual evidence that no matter your age or ability, our sport will move your health markers in a positive direction. His hobbies include anything that has to do with the Philadelphia Eagles. He is married to his beautiful wife Jhunnie, and they have 3 Children, Ivy, London, and Porter. His favorite movement is the “Thruster” and his favorite athlete is Jason Khalipa.



CrossFit Level 1

Military - Certified Master Fitness Trainer


Kelly is new to Utah, having grown up in beautiful North Lake Tahoe, CA and most recently living in St Maarten in the Caribbean. Living early adulthood in the mountains as an avid snowboarder, Kelly found CrossFit in 2009. She gained her Level I Cert and started coaching full time in 2010.

Starting in the heart of CrossFit’s competitive scene in NorCal, Kelly has qualified for CrossFit Regionals 5 times since 2011, and has competed at the CrossFit Games twice as a Master (2015 & 2017). Kelly approaches each class with a philosophy of “move well, be safe, have fun”, and puts extra focus into skill progressions and scaling options.


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Endurance Cert

CrossFit Mobility Cert


Like many, Brandy used to always listen to the negative about Crossfit, until one day she tried it out with an open mind, and it has completely changed her life. She enjoys the positive energy everyone brings, and the community that has inspired her to be a better person and athlete. After falling in love with Crossfit, it was a natural step for Brandy to acquire her CF-L1 and begin training others to better themselves as well. 

Brandy has always loved sports and athletics, but after her third knee surgery she had to give up soccer. With that hole in her fitness lifestyle, she needed something new to keep her active and to stimulate her competitive nature. Crossfit filled that hole, and has allowed her to keep her body healthy and strong to do the things she loves doing outside of the gym.


CrossFit Level 1


Nick grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, staying active with team sports and having fun on the lake. He focused on hockey and lacrosse, playing them at both the high school varsity level and elite club level. Through these experiences he has a real understanding of team work and dedication. Shortly before going to college he was introduced to CrossFit and it was love at first site. Through CrossFit he discovered his passion for helping others strive for health and wellness. He attained his CF Level 1 certification in October of 2015 and has been coaching ever since. Nick is currently a student at the University of Utah, studying Exercise Science with a minor in business and nutrition.


CrossFit Level 1


Justin is the General Manager for CrossFit GSL. Justin is originally from the great state of Texas, known for it’s great BBQ and shutting the state down with a millimeter of snow.  In Texas, he discovered his love for Crossfit and the community that surrounds it.

With a passion for the outdoors and and a desire to head west, Justin loaded up the family and moved to Utah in 2014. Upon moving to Utah, he found a vibrant Crossfit culture and obtained his Crossfit Level 1 Certificate. Justin has a passion for helping people discover healthy lifestyle choices that provide a hedge against chronic disease and incapacity.


CrossFit Level 1


Leighton is our Nutrition coach and his amazing bio is Coming soon…


Michelle is our Event Planner. Michelle grew up in the hills of Tennessee where she was a competitive gymnast and coach. She moved to California where she found a love for volleyball and coached her high school team to a league championship.

She moved to Utah in 2010 and she has been a part of the Crossfit community since the fall of 2013 when she walked into her first class and fell in love. “I finally found a place where being a strong woman was celebrated and knew that I would keep coming back,” she said.

Three months after she started, she was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer and began a year-long battle with the disease. Throughout that year, she continued working out and credits Crossfit and the fantastic members and coaches at GSL for helping keep her spirits and her health strong during the chemo and surgeries.  Unfortunately, she was diagnosed again with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer but, once again, used the gym as a way to stay strong and get through the treatments.


CrossFit Level 1


Jason owns a financial planning and tax advisory office. He was introduced to Crossfit in September 2014 and the very first workout he did was Fran.  From that workout he was hooked and has continued participating in Crossfit ever since.  Regularly attending Crossfit helped to stave off work fatigue and 2:00 nap times.  A whole new energy emerged.  Jason has participated in several competitions, throw downs, and Crossfit Open’s.  Jason acquired Crossfit GSL in July of 2016 and enjoyed working out with the many athletes and coaches that attend the gym.  Jason is married to his sweetheart, Heather, and they have 4 sons, Jefferson, Carter, Owen, and Maverick.


John is a CPA and owner of Incite Tax, an accounting firm specializing in services for microgyms (like CrossFit).  After being a member of GSL since 2015, he took the opportunity to partner with Jason in 2018.  John is an everyday athelete (meaning he isn’t very competitive and finishes in the middle of the pack in most workouts), but he loves the benefits of fitness.  John is also the author of Profit First for Microgyms and has helped 100’s of gyms stay in business longer so they can keep saving the world through better health.

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