Are You Making Progress Towards Your Fitness Goals?

Let’s first talk about WHY you should keep track of your progress.

Keeping track of anything is important. We are at point A (our baseline we will call it) and want to get to point B (our goal). However, if we are not sure what point A was, or even what point B is. Then how do we know if we are making progress? 

Tracking progress does two things. First, it shows us how far we have come from where we started! It also tells us how far we have to go, to reach point B. 

Secondly, it lets us know whether or not what we are currently doing to get to point B is working. In the instance that we have not made a lot of progress towards our goal, we will need to change our plan to get there. Which, again, is why this is so important

Now how do we know what our baseline is? Our baseline can be anything, but we do want it to be relative to our goal. 

Here are some examples, I have a goal of being a faster runner. For my baseline I may test my one mile run. Once I see that, I can then make a goal off of my baseline, say run a mile one minute faster than my baseline. We now have a point A and point B. 

We can also start with point B, our goal, let’s say I have a goal of losing 10 pounds. I will want to figure out how much I weigh right now, so that we can know if I am getting closer to that goal. 

We can also keep track of some other key metrics like resting heart rate, body composition, measurements(waist, arms, legs, etc.), blood work, how our clothes fit, or even how we feel day to day. 

Just remember that we need to know our baseline so we can always look back and be grateful for how far we have come.

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