What is The Hardest Part of Getting Fit?

We get asked a lot of questions, one of them is “What is the hardest part about getting fit?” People ask this question because they think that if they can figure out the hardest part, then they will find the secret to getting fit. The truth is, that it’s different for everyone. Each person is unique and faces different struggles in their lives and their journey towards fitness. Although everyone is different, we have seen a few common things that tend to hang people up: not knowing your “why”, thinking that this journey will be easy or quick, and not having support. 


Why do you want to get fit? Establishing your “why” will help you stay on track in your goals. On days where you are not super motivated to do the hard things that life requires, knowing your why behind it all will get you through those times. This will keep you grounded in your purpose and keep you moving forward. In fitness, your why could be a multitude of things. Most popular is to live a long and healthy life free of chronic disease. To accomplish this, so much has to do with your nutrition, sleep, and activity levels. Having a better understanding of your “why” can help lead you to make better decisions more consistently. 


We have also seen the hardest part to getting fit is accepting that it will take time. It will take more than a few weeks or months of doing the right things to see change that lasts. That is hard to swallow yet so important. The reason it takes so long is because we have to rewire all of your habits. Everything you do is a habit for example: your sleep schedule, your physical activity schedule, your sedentary behavior, your poor nutrition choices and so much more. These are all habits that need to be adjusted. You have spent your whole life building these habits. When you realize that, it is a little bit easier to see why it will take time to reach a certain level of fitness. If we don’t take our time re building habits, one by one, we often see people revert back to their old ways and lose most if not all of their progress that they have worked so hard to gain. So just accept it. Accept that it will take time for real change, and enjoy the journey. 


Not having support in your journey towards fitness is a recipe for disaster. By support we mean friends, family and coworkers that have similar goals. If you spend most of your time with people who have similar goals and support you then you will greatly increase your chances of success. So find some friends or grab your family on this journey and do it together!


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